Dr Steph Davis

I have a first class honours degree in psychology having studied at the University of the West of England.  I initially worked in mental health in 2003 in Bristol, where I worked with adolescents and adults with a wide range of mental health difficulties and supported behavioural change.  I have subsequently gained experience working in paediatric brain injury with children and young adolescents in inpatient an outpatient settings and adult mental health services.  I completed my Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at The University of Exeter where I have been trained in delivering a range of therapeutic approaches, working with children and adults.  

I currently work with adults with mental health difficulties and in brain injury rehabilitation within the NHS working to support adjustment following physical or cognitive changes.


Psychological therapy is collaborative, based on developing an understanding of current difficulties.  It is an active process focused on making changes.  A shared understanding can lead to the 

development of appropriate interventions and strategies. Therapy aims to identify personal values and to acknowledge barriers to change. Alongside my extensive training, I have completed additional training in compassion focused therapy and EMDR.

I have worked in a number of mental health settings including acute adult mental health services, brain injury rehabilitation, paediatric brain injury and child and adolescent mental health services.

Having difficult emotions is part of the human experience, however, it is when this impacts on our ability to engage with life in a meaningful way that we may need help in finding a way forwards, whether that be through acceptance, making changes, or often both.  

Areas that I specialise in are:

  • promoting wellbeing 

  • supporting adjustment to long term health conditions

  • relational difficulties

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • confidence and self-esteem 

  • exam stress

  • sleep difficulties 

  • motivation

  • fears and phobias

  • trauma


This is not a comprehensive list.  If you are unsure whether I can help please drop me a message and I am happy to have a chat with you.